Farren the Wise

L2 Mage



DEX 10
INT 18 (3)
WIS 10
CHR 17 (2)

HP 6
AC 0
Init 0
Move 120’/40’
XP 3058/5000 (+10%)
Reserve XP 2310


Petrification/Paralysis 13+
Poison/Death 13+
Blast/Breath 15+
Staffs/Wands 11+
Spells 12+


Staff 10+/1d6
Dart 10+/1d4 (15/30/45)


Adventuring Proficient with standard adventuring tasks

Alchemy Can identify alchemical substances, potions and poisons with 11+ throw

Collegiate Wizardry Can identify arcane symbols, spell signatures, trappings, grimoires, etc from his Zaharan order automatically, other orders on 11+ throw (or higher if rare)

Black Lore of Zahar Can control undead as a chaotic cleric of 1/2 level; opponents saves vs Death at -2; necromantic spells and research as 2 levels higher.

Diplomacy +2 on all reactions rolls in attempts to parlay

Leadership extra henchman allowed and base morale of ruled domain at +1


  • Casts spells


1st (5/day): Choking Grip, Floating Disk, Hold Portal, Jump, Sleep


Staff (red etched runes)
Darts (10)
Wearing: Mage robes (red w/black trim),high boots, winter cloak
Backpack (spellbook, waterskin, wineskin, iron rations (24), ink & quill, 50’ rope, tent, stakes(4) and mallet, bedroll)

Encumbrance 2 stone


Alignment Chaotic

Languages Common, Elven, Classical Auran, Zaharan
(only native Auran languages are understood – exception for Zaharan)

Traits Determined, Structured, Patient

Spell Signatures
All of Farren’s spells reflect an inner maniac that he keeps locked down with his structure and force of will.

Choking Grip A ghostly visage of a disheveled madman is wringing the neck of the victim of this spell
Floating Disk The disc is the painted face of a mummer with blood that is pouring from his eyes that appears to be actually flowing
Hold Portal the ghostly visage of the madman appears to be holding the door shut
Jump When the recipient of the spell jumps, his limbs flail uncontrolably.
Sleep the victim drops into restless sleep and has chaotic manic dreams as they thrash about

Backstory Farren was proficient with magic from a young age and was brought into a guild around ten years old. At 20 he jumped at the chance to go adventuring in the name of his guild and to set up an outpost of his guild.

Farren the Wise

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