Lao Tchi

L1 Mystic (Aspirant)



STR 10
DEX 13 (1)
CON 8 (-1)
INT 12
WIS 12

HP 5
AC 2
Init 1
Move 120’/40’
XP 1188/2450


Petrification/Paralysis 15+
Poison/Death 14+
Blast/Breath 16+
Staffs/Wands 16+
Spells 17+


Pulverizer (two handed) 9+/1d8+2
Sling 9+/1d4+1 (40/80/160)


Adventuring Proficient with standard adventuring tasks

Gambling May win money on games of skill and betting, earning 1d6 gp per month as a professional gambler. Gamblers can face each other, as per pg 60 in ACKS.

Laying On Hands Heal self or another 2 hp/lvl, 1/day.


  • +1 damage with melee/missile weapons
  • +1 to AC (if able to move freely)
  • +4 to hear noises and detect secret doors
  • notice secret doors with casual observation on 18+ throw
  • may enter meditative focus for 1 turn (gain +1 to AC, attack throws, saving throws, proficiency throws, initiative rolls) 1/day


Genitals damaged (cannot reproduce, -3 to reactions rolls is loss is known)


+1 Sword (Pulveriser)
Stones (10)
Wearing: wool tunic and pants, leather shoes, robe
Backpack (waterskin, bedroll, iron rations (3), malachite(x2,20gp), tourmaline(50gp), 2pp, 245gp, 125sp, 82cp)

Encumbrance 1 stone


Traits Calm, Cunning, Loyal

Alignment Lawful

Back Story Lao Tchi is a servant of the Order of the Mystic Dragon. He was once a healer in his temple, but his clan and temple were both destroyed by Orc raiders.

Lao left his land with the expectation of never returning again. Living off the land was not something Lao was accustomed to, so after the destruction of his home, he wandered the world until he came to the Kingdom or Rorn. In Rorn he found it was difficult to find work as a healer in the villages and townships. His skills as a healer didn’t prove to be very profitable, but Lao found he had a keen eye for all the tavern games that he would play during his travels. With his new found skills in the gambling underground, Lao planned to earn enough money to not only make a living off of, but to recreate the Order he once belonged to.

Lao found himself in a sticky situation where a fellow gambler cheated his way to victory in a game of 3 Dragon Ante. This put Lao into heavy debts with some crooked Rornish guards.

Barely escaping his gambling debts with his life, Lao left the old world becoming a stowaway on a merchant ship headed towards New Thereyn. He was soon discovered by a crew member, Zarreth Rheagarr who was serving this only voyage as the ship’s navigator. Zarreth convinced the Captain to keep Lao on as ship’s physician and give him a right of passage to New Thereyn after Lao saved one of the crew from scurvy with his healing touch.

Once reaching New Thereyn, Lao realized that with the new land came no debts. He also found the need for healers in the colony was much more lucrative than it was back home. This didn’t keep Lao out of the taverns though, trying his luck whenever he got the chance.

Lao recently found out that the man who helped save his life on the voyage to New Thereyn, Zarreth Rheagarr, has been reported missing. He now wishes to
find his friend and make his life debt fulfilled.

Lao Tchi

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