The Blue Rose

L1 Assassin (Thug)



STR 11
DEX 13 (1)
CON 11
INT 7 (-1)
WIS 10
CHR 18 (3)

HP 6
AC 3
Init 1
Move 120’/40’
XP 220/1700


Petrification/Paralysis 15+
Poison/Death 14+
Blast/Breath 16+
Staffs/Wands 16+
Spells 17+


2 Short swords 8+/1d6+1
Shortbow 9+/1d6+1 (50/100/150)


Adventuring Proficient with standard adventuring tasks

Fighting Style (2 Weapons) +1 to attack throw when using 2 weapons

Disguise 11+ throw to successfully disguise (14+ w/Wis bonus if viewer familiar with subject)


  • +1 damage missile/melee
  • Move Silently 17+
  • Hide in Shadows 19+
  • Backstab x2


Missing right arm at elbow (cannot climb, use shield, duel wield or use two-handed weapons)


Short swords (2)
Arrows (20)
Leather Armor
Backpack (torch (6), tinderbox, bedroll, iron rations (6), vial of spider poison)
Pouch (1pp, 326gp, 132sp, 82cp)

Encumbrance 5 stone


Personality Quiet (no tongue), Brutal, Loyal

Alignment Neutral

Languages Common (illiterate)

Description Short black hair, blue eyes, 28 years old.

Born into the assassin’s guild, The Silent Garden. His mother was the guild master at the time but died soon after he was born due to child birth complications. He was raised to fight and kill and be faithful to his brethren. The loss of his speech came with the completion of a sacred ritual which only a handful of members have fully completed. Without his speech, if ever captured he can give away nothing to his enemies. He was also then given his name, The Blue Rose. Shortly after this, he gained great fame in the guild and even picked up a faithful companion Fiona or “White Lilly” who was recruited to the guild and had refused to complete the guild ritual to the end to accompany Blue Rose on his quest to the new world.

The Blue Rose

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