House Rules



The number of 1st level spells a mage may cast each day is equal to 1 + Int modifier.


Thief skills start out as follows:

  • Open Locks 19+
  • Find & Remove Traps 19+
  • Pick Pockets 18+
  • Move Silently 19+
  • Climb Walls 10+
  • Hide in Shadows 20+
  • Hear Noise 16+

The thief then gains 12 points to spend to increase any of the skills by one per point. No more than 4 points may be spent on any one skill. Skills will then rise each level at the same rate as listed on the core rules. Only Pick Pockets may drop to lower than +1, all others will not be able to drop lower than this.


Alignment is a metaphysical force that permeates everything in existence. When something is created, it has an alignment of Lawful, Neutral or Chaotic (good and evil are not parts of alignment, they are subjective ideas). Alignment isn’t something learned or something one can change. It is a fundamental aspect that may have in game effects when dealing with magic or extra-planar beings.

The alignment of a character is not informed by the personality of the character, though the reverse could be true. For example, a person is not Lawful because they are peaceful, but a person that is Lawful might be peaceful. However, it is possible for one to act against their alignment and act in a way not congruent with it (such as Ferren’s acting calm when he struggles with an inner turmoil).

There is a good explanation of this is here (Michael Moorcock made this concept popular in his Elric series).


Moving While Engaged

Besides defensive movement, a character can move 5 feet as long as he stays engaged with his opponent without announcing it at the beginning of the round.

Standing Up From Prone While Engaged

If prone and engaged, a character cannot move without announcing defensive movement at the start of the round. Once defensive movement is announced, the character may stand up, but must also disengage 5 feet from the target (no more or less). The character can then either spend his attack action moving to re-engage, but not attack, or wait for the target to re-engage him, at which point he may attack.

Attacking From Second Rank

A character can make a melee attack versus an opponent while standing behind an engaged friendly character if a spear or pole arm is used. The attack throw is at -2 penalty.

Firing Into Melee

A character may target with a missile weapon an opponent in melee, but anyone engaged with the target may instead be the actual target of the missile. Each engaged creature has an equal chance of being targeted (2 having 1-in-2 chance each, 3 having 1-in-3 chance each, etc). Smaller and larger creatures will count as 1/2 and 2 creatures each, respectively. Regardless of the actual target, the attack throw has a -4 modifier.

Very large creatures (giants, older dragons, etc) may be targeted normally, as long as part of their body is clear and open.

The proficiency Precise Shooting allows a character to fire into melee without randomly determining the target, but still with a -4 modifier. Taking the proficiency a second time decreases the penalty to -2, a third time eliminates the penalty.

Mortal Wounds

All rolls on the Mortal Wounds chart start with a base +2 modifier. This does not apply to rolls on the Tampering With Mortality table.


Characters will heal (Con modifier + Level) hit points per night (8 hours) of full rest (minimum of 1). A complete day (24 hours) of rest doubles this number healed.

Cure Light Wounds heals 1d6+(half level of recipient, rounded up) and Cure Moderate Wounds heals 2d6+(level of recipient).


Level Drain

Every level drained of a character gives the character a -1 to all throws, plus a loss of 1d6 hit points which will not heal in the normal manner. If a character drops to -1 level or to 0 or less hit points due to a level drain attack, the character will die.

There are ways to remove drained levels:

  1. Each month of full rest will allow recovery of 1 drained level
  2. A Restore Life & Limb spell will remove all drained levels. A roll on the Tampering With Mortality table must be made with -1 modifier for each drained level removed.
  3. By default, a character that gains experience while maintaining a drained level can remove one by “saving and spending” experience points equal to 20% of the amount needed to gain their next level. EX: A Level 4 Fighter needs 8000 xp total to rise to Level 5 (8000 to 16000). A L4 Fighter with a drained level then needs to spend 1600 xp, which must be gained after the level drain, to remove it. That xp is then lost.

House Rules

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