Current rumours heard in New Thereyn

  • Governor’s wife loves jewelry and has made it know that she will buy any ancient jewelry found in the new world. (Governor Edmund Falritch)
  • The graveyard was built over an ancient gravesite and is haunted. Odd shapes and noises come from it at night. (overheard in the tavern)
  • The party saw a group of salamanders burning the countryside near the hills, but they were gone a day later. What were they doing there?
  • Patrols have discovered an odd fissure in the ground to the west has caused an ancient ruined tower to sink into the earth (Carissa Labinger)
  • A large crypt beneath some barrows was discovered in the swamp near Saltmarsh, the new Rornish settlement to the north (news from Rorn)
  • Vivian Desmont, the alchemist, needs honey for healing potions


  • A beautiful spirit lives in the forest who has charmed missing woodsman, Tanner Balksin (False, Balskin was killed by giant black widow spiders)
  • Small grotesque beastmen live in the hills and may endanger the mine there. (True, kobolds were were stealing supplies from the mine)


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