Zeef Greenbow

L3 Elven Ranger (Forester)



STR 16 (2)
DEX 16 (2)
CON 10
INT 13 (1)
WIS 7 (-1)

HP 12
AC 6
Init 3 (+1/2 surprise normal/wilderness)
Move 90’/30’
XP 5212/9100 (+10%)
Reserve XP 1714
Banked Money 1400gp


Petrification/Paralysis 13+
Poison/Death 13+
Blast/Breath 15+
Staffs/Wands 15+
Spells 15+
(-1 vs Magic)


Longbow 6+/1d6+2 (70/140/210) (8+ firing into melee)
Mace +1 (2-handed) 6+/1d8+3
Dagger (melee) 7+/1d4+2 (thrown) 6+/1d4+2


Adventuring Proficient with standard adventuring tasks

Precise Shooting Can fire into melee with -2 penalty to attack throw, no chance to hit other targets

Survival Feeds self in wild, +4 to throw to hunt/gather for 2 or more

Tracking 7+ throw to follow tracks (modified), must move half speed.

Weapon Focus – Bows & Crossbows Double damage with an unmodified attack roll of 20


  • +1 to hit & +2 damage with missiles, starts with 1 rank in Precise Shooting proficiency
  • Hide in woods/underbrush on 3+, hide underground with cover on 14+
  • Tracks cannot be followed, cover tracks of one other person per three levels
  • Free Tracking proficiency
  • Understands moods and body language of animals, +2 to reactions with animals, can take animals as henchmen
  • Identify flora and fauna with 11+ throw
  • +1 to initiative and surprise rolls
  • +2 to surprise (total) in wilderness
  • Find secret doors (8/14+ actively searching/casual inspection)
  • Immune to ghoul paralysis


Mace +1
Arrows (20)
Silver Arrows (3)
+1 Arrows (1)
Chain mail armor
Wearing: fur cloak, tunic and pants, belt, high boots
Backpack (vial of pit viper poison, waterskin, iron rations (17), rope, lantern, 2 vials of lamp oil, tinderbox, bedroll)
Pouch (Chryselephantine dragon head trinket (600gp), rock crystal shards (300gp), spinal (250gp), pearl (100gp), silver locket (120gp), zircon (50gp), blue quartz (10gp), 305gp, 34ep, 10sp, 9cp)

Encumbrance 7 stone


Alignment Neutral

Languages Common, Elven, Goblin, Hobgoblin, Orc
(only native Auran languages are understood)

Zeef Greenbow

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